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Unless you are very fortunate it is highly likely that if you want to own your home, you will need to have some financial help. A mortgage is the solution for most of us and although we only have a handful of mortgage providers in Jersey, these are well established local lenders who understand our market and have a good range of simple mortgage products.

Our advisers will explore your mortgage requirements, explain the mortgage options available to you and make a recommendation to best match your needs.

The mortgage market has changed shaped considerably in recent years so whether you are buying for the first time or the 10th time, it’s worth getting an overview of the market before you begin the process.

Each lender works in a slightly different way and we understand their quirks so we will stay as involved as you need us to be throughout the whole process. Our aim is to make the mortgage one of the least stressful parts of the house moving process!

Oh and we can arrange mortgages for investment properties as well, and we have access to private funds for those specialist cases where the ‘usual’ lenders aren’t able to help.


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