About Us

Everyone involved with de Carteret Wealth shares a passion for offering quality, relevant financial advice to everyone who needs it.

We firmly believe that financial advice must be built around a relationship with our clients which means that we will take the time to get to know you, so that we can fully appreciate your values and goals without trying to impose our own on you. We will always put you first even if that means ‘losing’ a sale as we know that sometimes the best advice is actually to do nothing!

We believe that:

    • Everyone should have access to financial advice
    • Everyone should be able to understand the financial decisions they make
    • Charges and fees should never be hidden away in the small print
    • You deserve to pay a fair price for a quality service
  • Complex financial services should be explained face to face wherever possible

We are:

    • In this for the long term
    • Committed to giving you the time you need to understand your choices
    • Aware of how stressful financial decisions can be… because we’ve been there too!
    • Aware of our limitations – we won’t try and bluff you
    • Prepared to play devil’s advocate and make you consider the ‘worst case’ scenario. We can help design your personal Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the conduct of Investment Business

Our People

We know that financial services can be complex, sometime even tedious, and can often feel like one of those ‘necessary evils’. That’s why we always try and offer advice face to face, so we can get to know you and your family and understand what you need as well as how you like to approach financial decisions.

You will always have a designated contact, a person who takes overall responsibility for your business. Of course one person cannot know everything so the whole team will always be at your disposal for those specialist needs or tricky questions. The team at de Carteret Wealth have many years of experience and will work together to offer the advice and guidance you need.

We work for you and with you so that you are always in control!

Our History

de Carteret Wealth started life as PBS Confidential Limited and was incorporated in February 2014, rebranding to de Carteret Wealth in October 2017.  Our overriding goal is to offer straightforward, transparent financial advice to individuals and businesses of all backgrounds and experience, who are based in Jersey, or who have an established connection with Jersey. 


Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission for the conduct of Investment Business


1st Floor
24 Sand Street
St Helier

01534 860 660
9am – 5pm

About Us - de Carteret Wealth